Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

My wife wanted bleu cheese dressing this week, so I found an incredible chunk of bleu cheese and made a pint. It literally takes five minutes of preparation and five minutes of cleanup. And assuming you have the basics like sour cream, milk, vinegar - that you can dip into a bit - then the cost really only runs you the price of 3 oz. cheese. 

Simple Pleasures

This thing I thought ridiculous before, so quickly proved to not be cheesy in the least, but to be a catalyst to a mindset shift. It started out as sitting down at the end of a day to reflect on what bits I was grateful for. And now I realize, I no longer have to reflect so pointedly, because this has become the lens with which I now view. I feel the appreciation and reverence for these bits wash through me in real time. As they’re happening I am able to see them for the wonders that they are.

How much Money you save Growing a Garden (it's A LOT)

We are able to feed our family a delicious, organic, GMO-free, plant based, locally produced diet for less than $200/month. How do we do this? Over a six mo. growing season in 750 sq. ft. of earth we are growing almost $4,000 worth of organic produce, accounting for about 75% of our food.

Do you have a piece of earth that is about 25’x30’? If so, you could do something similar!

Do you only have space to build a single 30 square foot bed? You can grow more than $400 worth of fresh herbs and greens. Or $500 worth of strawberries!

Tarragon Chickpea Salad

This is such a wonderful spring salad! It takes only ten minutes of preparation until it is ready for you to eat. And it has minimal cleanup. Eat on a salad of greens or as a sandwich with sprouts. We like to pair it with fruit - pears, strawberries, oranges - it all goes wonderfully.

Motherhood, a Love Letter

I remind myself often that the great work of motherhood is to show up and love my child the way that she needs to be loved. There is no single way to mother best, but there is one way to mother your unique child best. And I hope against all hope that when my girl one day loses her way and drifts from me, that I can meet her where she is to offer her guidance and help her back. And if I can not, I hope that I have tethered her so that she may find her own way back. Back to herself. Back to her mother's love. 

Simple Pleasures

This is the weekend we will plant our outdoor garden. I have our seeds and our starts all prepped and ready. My pocket moleskin is full of our plans. I am eager for it. 

For me, it has been a week where joy has come easy. There was fun and beauty. My mind felt open and in flow, without much scattering or agitation. My emotions felt light, yet grounded. There is life literally bursting from every space around me. I feel appreciative. It was a sweet week.

Slow Cooker Refried Beans

This is super simple to make. It will cost you about $10 + 10 minutes of preparation + a day simmering in the slow cooker & then you will have about 8 cups of incredible beans!

If you are interested in macronutrient counts - a serving of these beans has more than 15g. of protein and 15g. of dietary fiber. Eat them with eggs for breakfast, for a snack with chips and homemade salsa, for huevos rancheros, or make some tacos!


So much of our lives and connection is but seeing snippets of each other. Two hours for a dinner together, stolen text messages, an hour of a podcast, an essay on a page, little picture perfect curated squares on social media that polish our stories. There is posturing. And It’s easy to miss the humanness of those beyond your most intimate few. It’s easy to compare ourselves to ideals. It’s easy to miss the authenticity of each other. It takes extra effort - emotional, mental effort to genuinely connect. 

3 Herbal Teas for Self-Care (my top picks & recipes)

Here are my three favorite herbal Iced teas I have long stocked my fridge with for self-care - instructions and all! I take ten minutes a few times each week and make these three teas in quart sized Mason jars. I then refrigerate them and have them ready for everyday! These herbal teas are all caffeine-free and have very long, vast histories of being used as medicinal potions for wellness. 

Simple Pleasures

There are the great joys of life that couldn’t be missed if we tried. But if you squint you will see the more subtle ones. There is the grand scheme, and there is the small picture. If you squint long enough, for enough times, that is the life that will come into focus. The beauty, the joy, the peace - it’s all there, though, sometimes veiled and buried under the rough barrage of this thing called life.

Quick & Easy Pickled Veggies

Today I’m sharing our favorite Quick Pickle recipe. They can easily be made during dinner prep for the meal at hand, and they store nicely in the refrigerator for a few weeks - though they never last that long here. And they’re the prettiest pickles I’ve ever seen! Eat them on sandwiches, tacos, bahn mis, salads, fried eggs, veggie burgers, top a slaw, with bbq...

Green Your Spring Clean (5 Natural Recipes with 5 Non-Toxic Ingredients)

It is time for spring cleaning, folks! Read on to learn how to clean your entire house without using any toxic chemicals (enter email for easy printable instructions). This post will give you all the information you need to switch over to a natural, non-toxic cleaning regimen that works brilliantly. These 5 recipes only require of you 5 ingredients, distilled water, and a few supplies that you probably have lying around your house.

Simple Pleasures

“What you do today is important, it is important because you are trading a day of your life for it.” - this is one of the reminders I have displayed to see as I start my days. It helps to remind me to see this time for what it is. To see its significance.

Taking inventory of the joy in my life helps me to feel like I am honoring that.

I hope you find joy at every turn.

Simple Pleasures

I hope your morning brought with it some sense of peace and perhaps eagerness for the day and days ahead. And if that has eluded you, in those moments of its absence I help myself to recall this wisdom … “Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”

These simple, ordinary, everyday things help to bring me there…