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the resistance starts at home.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

This is a series that I intend to share on Fridays, a day that many of us are slowing down, perhaps starting to feel our tightly wound coils loosen in some reprieve. Hopefully, you have a day of rest coming soon. Hopefully, you are able to calm some space to pause to take notice of the simple pleasures that adorn your life. Those small, simple, everyday things that set spark to the dreary.

Here are five of mine. Might they inspire you of your own if you find it difficult to muster.



This poem ...

If you cannot manage one step more,
cannot lift your head,
if you are sinking wearily under hopeless greyness -
then be thankful for the kind, small things,
consoling, childish.
You have an apple in your pocket,
a book of stories there at home -
small, small things, despised
at the time, that radiated living
but gentle footholds during the dead hours.

- Karin Boye



This tiny vessel of crystals that I stow in the SE corner of my home for good fortune



This collection of eggs that my mother has gifted me over the years of my life ...

easter eggs



The experience of seeing my child, of really seeing her ...



The changing of the seasons. The appreciation that it brings to my life as the door to one season closes and the newness of the next unfolds before me. It’s not that I don’t get bitter and tired of the winter drudgery, the summer swelter, the springs hustle of demands, because I do. But the ebbs and flows and passage lends perspective. Perspective to appreciate the stillness and peace brought by the ever growing mountains of snow, because they soon will fade. It allows for me to appreciate the life force that the steaming hot rays of summer imbue us with, because they soon will wane. It adds a rhythm. It marks the tides and cycles of a life. This rhythm helps me orient myself and make more sense of being. As the seasons change they shout “hey there, take notice” - of the time - the weeks, months, years.. And I try my damnedest to listen. I try my best to not let my days slip by me distracted.

Do the seasons speak similarly to you?


I hope that this finds you well.

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