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the resistance starts at home.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

This week I did an extra level house cleaning, a spring cleaning if you will. Just those few extra hours spent in the nooks and crannies to really feel like our home is cared for and ready for the business and bustle of projects that are upon us now that the days are warmer, and longer, and ready for growth. This week I was reminded why I do this - place such weight and spend such energy on creating and keeping a home just so. I noticed all the times my little girl gushed on about it. How every time we turned on our gravel street returning from somewhere else, she squealed from the back seat “we’re home, Mommy! We’re home!” As she always does. How every morning she says “let’s just stay home today”. And some days we do. How she lays belly down on the living room rug out of pure joy to be there. Or skips around the house telling the furniture and the walls that she loves them all. And that she cares so well for all her little possessions - they all have their chosen space, and she keeps track of them all. She loves her home. She feels safe and happy and there is no where she would rather be than here. She tells me in one way or another every single day. I know that there are many ways to show and give love, but this is the way I do so most. Create an atmosphere for it all to happen. Whatever it may be. That undefinable essence of comfort, safety, togetherness, belonging - home. She reminds me when I need it most why it matters. Nothing gives me more joy.

And here is the rest of my list... I hope they remind you of your own, if you need some inspiration.



These first Glory of the Snow blooms - for being a sunny day gift from my daughter.

flowers, glory of the snow



These candles - for lighting our supper table every evening.

tapers, candles



This family portrait - for its joy, the sun and moon, and bellybuttons.

drawing, illustration



This verse -

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

I hope this finds you well today.


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