All in Reasons To Renegade

What is the Point?

It is about so much more than food - it is about nourishing the earth, our connections, our intellect, our creativity, our resilience - it is about feeding your soul.

That’s the way I see it. This is what it’s all about. These are the bits of life that I carry dearest in my heart. The values I find most important to nurture to pass on to my daughter. 

Thank you for being here with your big, beautiful minds. Thank you for pulling up a chair for this subversive gathering of sorts.

How much Money you save Growing a Garden (it's A LOT)

We are able to feed our family a delicious, organic, GMO-free, plant based, locally produced diet for less than $200/month. How do we do this? Over a six mo. growing season in 750 sq. ft. of earth we are growing almost $4,000 worth of organic produce, accounting for about 75% of our food.

Do you have a piece of earth that is about 25’x30’? If so, you could do something similar!

Do you only have space to build a single 30 square foot bed? You can grow more than $400 worth of fresh herbs and greens. Or $500 worth of strawberries!

Books for an Intentional Life

We all have them, books that have changed us forever. Books that have inspired something in us that before lay dormant. Books that affirm us and confirm that we are indeed on our path. I certainly have my collection of them. And the collection is quite vast.

Here are a few staying on par with what this blog is about. I thought they were a great place to start for their easy to read, charismatic context.

Why Subvert Your Supper? (and How)

It is a counter-cultural stance to create in light of pervasive consumerism. It’s a great way to stick-it-the-man by growing your own food, or procuring it locally, which decreases participation in the corporate food world and the rise of monocultures. It is a radical act to contribute to local food security, and to care for your wellness, animal welfare, and the earth.

Why We Homestead

Our dream was not only fueled by the pursuit of what we imagined to be personal fulfillment, but rooted in that we saw this lifestyle as a deeply subversive and radical act. A meaningful way to prioritize living in congruence with our values and ensuring that our footprint on this planet was one of more creation than destruction.