All in Wholeheartedness

A Woman's Worth

I do believe the universe tilts toward goodness. I believe that our world is brimming full of good men and good women, but yet, this it still the wickedness that prevails. Yet still, depravity is tolerated and bolstered to power. I think that even good men and women don’t step forward to denounce and rail against corruption because these messages are so deeply ingrained in us, how do we even begin to reconcile our collective part in such iniquity? But, on weeks like this one, we are reminded in big flashing marquis lights that women’s lives are an accepted casualty for men to have their power.

So for now, as you forge on - fighting and loving, struggling and healing - hold tight and tuck deep in your arsenal the wisdom that “An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside.”

Today, My Baby is Four

My baby - she barely fits in my lap anymore. At night, when she is buzzing from the day and needs for me to hold her, to ground her so that she may ease into rest. Her long limbs spill over mine. I cradle her in my arms still. Determined not to tremble with fatigue under her reliance on me. Gravity, nature, pulls her precious weight away from me with greater force each day more that she has to grow on this planet.

My girl. Four years young today. A glorious day, and my heart aches the bittersweet ache of a great love, a love still somehow growing as even more of her emerges.

What is the Point?

It is about so much more than food - it is about nourishing the earth, our connections, our intellect, our creativity, our resilience - it is about feeding your soul.

That’s the way I see it. This is what it’s all about. These are the bits of life that I carry dearest in my heart. The values I find most important to nurture to pass on to my daughter. 

Thank you for being here with your big, beautiful minds. Thank you for pulling up a chair for this subversive gathering of sorts.

Motherhood, a Love Letter

I remind myself often that the great work of motherhood is to show up and love my child the way that she needs to be loved. There is no single way to mother best, but there is one way to mother your unique child best. And I hope against all hope that when my girl one day loses her way and drifts from me, that I can meet her where she is to offer her guidance and help her back. And if I can not, I hope that I have tethered her so that she may find her own way back. Back to herself. Back to her mother's love. 


So much of our lives and connection is but seeing snippets of each other. Two hours for a dinner together, stolen text messages, an hour of a podcast, an essay on a page, little picture perfect curated squares on social media that polish our stories. There is posturing. And It’s easy to miss the humanness of those beyond your most intimate few. It’s easy to compare ourselves to ideals. It’s easy to miss the authenticity of each other. It takes extra effort - emotional, mental effort to genuinely connect.