writings from a women-run modern homestead. 

adventures in intentional living, radical homemaking, finding meaningfulness in the mundane, and subverting the food systems that be to feed my family nourishing food from our bit of land.

the resistance starts at home.

A Week of Simple Joys

A Week of Simple Joys

A week of fresh fruit, fresh air, and fresh spirits.

A week marking endings and beginnings.

A week of sweaty, sticky, carefree summer.

A week of reflection and of small joys. 



These burning beauties - for always filling our home 

incense, modern homestead, minimalism, simple living



This cobbler - for being homemade by my girls

peach cobbler, cobbler, modern homestead, chemex, homemade, whole doods diet, vegan family



This herbal tea to be iced - for being the best afternoon summer drink

modern homestead, plant based life, simple living, radical self care



These peaches - for being handpicked and ripe and sweet and juicy as can be

Simple Joy 3.jpg



This piggy - for these fleeting days of finding little treasures my baby hides about

knives, modern homestead, simple living, minimalist home, minimalism, design, modern farmhouse, homeschooling
Slow Parenting

Slow Parenting

Homemade Cold Brew

Homemade Cold Brew