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the resistance starts at home.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

This is the weekend we will plant our outdoor garden. I’ve been marking down the days on the calendar since the turn of the year. Technically, the last frost date is on Monday the 14th. But the warm air that has settled on us makes me confident we are good to go ahead. I have our seeds and our starts all prepped and ready. My pocket moleskin is full of our plans. I am eager for it. 

For me, it has been a week where joy has come easy. There was fun and beauty. My mind felt open and in flow, without much scattering or agitation. My emotions felt light, yet grounded. There is life literally bursting from every space around me. I feel appreciative. It was a sweet week. 

Here are some of the sweet bits. May they help you think of your own if you find it difficult to realize...



These babies - for my girls wild, loving heart.

wildschooling, farm kid, animal lover, backyard chicken



These baby birds - for surviving a falling nest.

nest, birds nest, chicks, robins, blue birds, finches



These chives - for being the first to bloom and for being a wonderful addition to supper this week. And my precious cat.

chives, garden, farm cat, barn cat, norwegian forest cat, onions, raised beds, homesteading, modern homestead



These wild Violets we foraged - for being prolific and for making purple tea.

wild violets, foraging, modern homestead, homesteading, new york, wild flowers



This poem - for its truth.

mary oliver, poetry, mindful, mindfulness, delight, gratitude, joy


I hope this finds you well.


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