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Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

I’ve been committed to a gratitude practice for three quarters of a year now. When I began, it felt cheesy. At the very beginning, it even felt contrived. I had decided to give this a go soon after I had stopped drinking, as a part of my toolbox to heal myself. I knew I needed to take stock of my life. To hold myself accountable for keeping my eyes open to it. Examining it. Catching the details, not just getting consumed with overwhelm, becoming deafened by the loudest thing going on at any given time. It took a little while to stick. When I found a few incredible women to check in with each day to share our gratitude with each other, it stuck. This thing I thought ridiculous before so quickly proved to not be cheesy in the least, but to be a catalyst to a complete mindset shift. It started out as sitting down at the end of a day to reflect on what bits I was grateful for. And now I realize, I no longer have to reflect so pointedly, because this has become the lens with which I now view. I feel the appreciation and reverence for these bits wash through me in real time. As they’re happening I am able to see them for the wonders that they are. If this is a shift I have made, to a view, that before I was going about my life ignorant of. Putting it to no use. It makes me wonder - what else can we see and capture and experience with greater depth in our lives if we practice strengthening them. 

Do you have a gratitude practice? Does it bring goodness to your life?

Anyhow, here is an extension of that gratitude practice. Some small joys from my week… Maybe they will inspire yours, if they’re not on the tip of your tongue. 


These trees in bloom, for their beauty.

joy, gratitude practice, gratitude, flowering, in bloom, dogwood, redbud, new york



This photo, for the joy she had when it was taken.

child, beautiful, joy, waterfall, buttermilk falls state park, ithaca, nature, hiking, wildschooling, unschooling



This medicinal plant book, for teaching my girl the value of a dandelion.

dandelion, medicainal plants, herbs, foraging, homesteading, modern homestead



This new sign for my kitchen, because eating!

eat sign, modern farmhouse, farmhouse decor, minimalist, minimalism, farmhouse, barn home, modern homestead



These strawberries, for all of the runners they’re sending out.

strawberries, berry patch, spring, bloom, strawberry runners, everbearing, modern homestead, farming, women who farm, farm fresh
Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

How much Money you save Growing a Garden (it's A LOT)

How much Money you save Growing a Garden (it's A LOT)