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Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

I hope you have had plenty of moments of beauty during this final week of May. I have, mixed in with plenty of typical life overwhelm - double car troubles (because it is never just one), lawn tractor issues (always when the grass is a foot tall), travel delays (always when you want to get home the most)... But, I came across this concept a month or two ago - overwhelm is a form of self-importance. Now, I don’t think that is universally true. There is genuine anxiety and panic, and there are moments, particularly as a mother to a small child, when the demands that stretch you painfully thin are necessity. However, reflecting on this idea when I am in the throws of overwhelm, I have found truth in this idea. I have found that quite a bit of it is my own aggrandizing. Life will not come to a halt should I delay doing some task on a long list. The world will not stop turning if I say “enough” and call it quits on working for the day, or cancel a plan. Because while I am necessary in many a way, my performance is not critical to as much as my mind likes to make me worry. And then there is always the reality that, without a doubt, I am a better version of myself if I prioritize calming my overwhelm. 

So here is my list from the week - a roundup of some things that make it simple to step back and realize gratitude. To take a slow moment. I hope you have plenty of your own, and that thins inspires you should you find it difficult to muster.


This grainy cell phone picture - because it is me with my girl.

wedding photo, starting strength, flower girl



These garden tunnels - for protecting our food from the deer and bugs and birds.

modern homestead, micro-farm, urban farm, suburban farm, row covers, raised beds, garden tunnel, deer protection, organic, farmher, homestead, feminist farming



These embroidery hoops - for being the canvas for the piece I am making for a art exchange I am a part of. 

embroidery hoops, leather, embroidery, craft, art, art exchange



These baby succulents - for being from a dear friends garden. 

succulents, house plants, terrarium



This moonrise - for its fullness, and for cleansing us.

moonrise, full moon, moon, may, new york, homestead, modern homestead, backyard chickens

I am so glad you found your way here. Peace to you and yours. 

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A Simple, Effective way to Protect your Garden

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