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Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

It is a rainy, hazy, humid, summer day here in upstate NY. I grew up in the South, in Virginia, where summer is marked by air so damp and heavy that you are not so much sweating as the dank atmosphere is laying on your skin. Here, we pay our dues in enduring a sodden winter and early spring - but, summer - summer is mostly crisp and breezy and the warm sun kisses your skin without ravishing you. Summer here reminds me of my summers in San Francisco. The rare week, like this one, brings me back South.

We all moan about the weather, it’s a common target. We are at its mercy, we groan to cope. But, for me, weather feels like a time travel. A particular quality of air, a certain smell of plant on a breeze, the temperature that either makes my skin bead with sweat or prickle with goosebumps - my mind flashes with recollections, my heart pangs tenderly with nostalgia. It is said that smells do this to us, ignite our senses to trigger memory - but, I think the weather rivals the olfactory. 

So, today I will be grateful for this steamy rain. I will be grateful it is quenching our piece of the Earth. I will be grateful for the times passed that it inspires me to reflect on. I will be grateful for today, because it will make me appreciate this supposed-to-be sunny weekend that much more. 

Here are some things, some beings, and some moments that made my week. I hope you have many of your own. And that you may be inspired to look closely for them.

Merry Friday!



These little hands holding these fresh, homegrown, handpicked berries - for instilling in her to revere her food

fresh strawberries, berry patch, plant based family, vegan family



This Luna Moth - for her natural beauty

luna moth, nature photos, modern homestead



My literal green thumb - for connecting me to the earth

grass stains, garden hands, green thumb, modern homestead, women who farm, farmher,



Homemade Cold Brew - for being my drink of choice

homebrew, small batch, cold brew, cold brew coffee, iced coffee, coffee cubes, modern homestead, simple living, intentional living, no waste



Sprinkle cupcakes, ice cream, and new polish - for celebrating her

Simple Pleasures Aug 3 (5).jpg
Garden Salsa

Garden Salsa

Today, My Baby is Four

Today, My Baby is Four