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Garden Salsa

It is that time - fresh salsa time! We are being *happily* buried in tomatoes over here, and what better a way to enjoy them in some homemade salsa that you can heap on any and everything.

Here is a super simple, quick recipe. And it freezes great. Just thaw it out and you have a year round fresh snack.

Homemade Falafel

This is my third garbanzo bean based recipe that I have posted, because anything chickpea is DELICIOUS, in my humble opinion. We eat them like grapes in this house. They pack 15 grams of plant protein and 14 grams of dietary fiber per cup of cooked beans. Traditional Falafel is a vegan Arab food. This recipe is a variation pretty near to traditional preparation.

Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

My wife wanted bleu cheese dressing this week, so I found an incredible chunk of bleu cheese and made a pint. It literally takes five minutes of preparation and five minutes of cleanup. And assuming you have the basics like sour cream, milk, vinegar - that you can dip into a bit - then the cost really only runs you the price of 3 oz. cheese. 

Tarragon Chickpea Salad

This is such a wonderful spring salad! It takes only ten minutes of preparation until it is ready for you to eat. And it has minimal cleanup. Eat on a salad of greens or as a sandwich with sprouts. We like to pair it with fruit - pears, strawberries, oranges - it all goes wonderfully.

Slow Cooker Refried Beans

This is super simple to make. It will cost you about $10 + 10 minutes of preparation + a day simmering in the slow cooker & then you will have about 8 cups of incredible beans!

If you are interested in macronutrient counts - a serving of these beans has more than 15g. of protein and 15g. of dietary fiber. Eat them with eggs for breakfast, for a snack with chips and homemade salsa, for huevos rancheros, or make some tacos!

3 Herbal Teas for Self-Care (my top picks & recipes)

Here are my three favorite herbal Iced teas I have long stocked my fridge with for self-care - instructions and all! I take ten minutes a few times each week and make these three teas in quart sized Mason jars. I then refrigerate them and have them ready for everyday! These herbal teas are all caffeine-free and have very long, vast histories of being used as medicinal potions for wellness. 

Quick & Easy Pickled Veggies

Today I’m sharing our favorite Quick Pickle recipe. They can easily be made during dinner prep for the meal at hand, and they store nicely in the refrigerator for a few weeks - though they never last that long here. And they’re the prettiest pickles I’ve ever seen! Eat them on sandwiches, tacos, bahn mis, salads, fried eggs, veggie burgers, top a slaw, with bbq...

Herby Baked Eggplant

A delightful, fresh, minimalist spinoff of the comfort classic dish. Herb rich, creamy and crunchy. Decadent yet light. Eat it however you’d enjoy most - with pasta, on a bed of greens, with fresh buttered bread, a side of roasted asparagus… Whatever which way you choose, I hope you love every bit of it.