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adventures in intentional living, radical homemaking, finding meaningfulness in the mundane, and subverting the food systems that be to feed my family nourishing food from our bit of land.

the resistance starts at home.

What is the Point?

Good day good folks. I’m so grateful that you have found your way here. This post is my way of trying to best explain what precisely I see The Subversive Supper as. Its concept. Its inspiration. It’s what and why.

Two months into this project and I have been mulling over creating “The Subversive Supper”. What is fitting to it. What it means to me. 
I have been writing about a lot more than food - I’ve been writing about family, home, mindfulness, gratitude, pain, joy, growth... I wonder if anyone is confused as to how this fits into the title at hand? 

The bones of it has to do with our modern day homesteading journey, and a commitment to an examined life. It has to do with the literal subversive choice of eating in a way that is nourishing as an act of radical self-care. The radical act of growing and producing our own food as a means to cut out the middleman of corporate capitalism, remove our support of GMOs + the rise of monocultures + the destruction of earth, and to create food security within our family and community. 

But it is more than that too. If those literal points of the blog are its bones, then I would see these other matters as its pulse..

Pulse point #1 is the GATHERING aspect of supper. The community, connection, intimacy to be fostered. The simple act of gathering together around a supper table, in our unforgivingly fast paced and disconnected world, is possibly one the most transgressive acts we can engage in. Supper is the “family meal”, the “primary” meal. It is space in time where we can convene each day in a natural way to practice self-care, to show practical tangible love, to provide acts of service for others. It is a consistency that can calibrate, reconnect, and tether us. 
Did you know that today 20% of American meals are consumed in the car? (whaaaat??) One in five meals consumed distracted and on the go. Disconnected from the food being eaten, disconnected from home and belonging, disconnected from each other. Far more than that, if you pause to consider how many meals are eaten in front of the television, in bed, at a desk while working. Eating has morphed into something done on the move, as a secondary thing, even though it is our very source of life. The gathering of people around a supper table is arguably one of the most fertile environments for familial connection, for human connection, to take place. Human connection is necessary for wholeness, wellness, evolution, for brilliant ideas to be shared, for inspiration.

Pulse point #2 is the matter of our intimate relationship to food. For many of us, our relationship with food is, or has been, wounded and dysfunctional. It may be full of shame, wanton disregard, confusion, or abuse and addiction. We live in a culture with unrealistic body image expectations and an unenlightened understanding of our health. In my own life I have used food as a weapon against myself, as a punishing power to control my life, as a way to manipulate myself. My relationship with food has had to be deeply evaluated and tended to, and it has gone through many evolutions of healing. I know I am not alone with this. I believe that speaking about this, being open and vulnerable with this, is a radical act.

The #3 matter would be - living intentionally. Living intentionally starts with examining your “why”? And from there consciously making your choices accordingly. When it comes to food, mindlessness is probably our biggest problem overall. What might be even more important than how many “better” decisions we make, may be how thoughtfully we make our decisions. So that we can not be cluelessly herded, conned into buying and ingesting all sorts of crap, much of which is bringing ourselves and the earth down for the corporate greed of capital gain. But, this is true in every single area of life - mindfulness and intention is required if you wish to be an integrated person. It is necessary so that we can be at peace with having made our decisions with integrity. 

The Subversive Supper is about so much more than food - it is about nourishing the earth, our connection, our intellect, our creativity, our resilience - it is about feeding your soul.

That’s the way I see it. This is what it’s all about. These are the bits of life that I carry dear to my heart. The values I find most important to honor and to nurture to pass on to my daughter. 

Thank you for being here with your big, beautiful minds. Thank you for pulling up a chair for this subversive gathering of sorts.

Best to you and yours on this fresh day.

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